Note related exclusively to “Credit/Debit Card” payment method:

◼️ We accept credit/debit card payments through the payment provider merchant Payofix.

◼️ Make sure you input your correct Card Number, Expiration Date (MM/YY), and Security Code/CVC (back of your card).

◼️ Wait a moment for Payofix to verify your order…⌛ Once verified, you will get a confirmation email (check Spam folder).

◼️ In rare instances, you may be required to verify your transaction. You will receive an email from Payofix (check Spam folder), alerting that your transaction is pending payment verification. Please work with your bank/Payofix to approve the transaction. Please contact Payofix:

– Via chat at:  payofix.com
– Toll-free: US and rest of the world +1-844-334-6155, AU +61-1800-934-076
– Or just wait until you are contacted via phone to approve your payment.
– Once you’re approved, Payofix will clear the transaction and order for processing.

◼️ This payment in your credit/debit card statement may appear under the different merchant partner name.

◼️ Please note as well that the processing bank could be from overseas. In some rare occurrences, your bank may raise a small international transaction fee between $1.00 to $5.00. Neither Payofix nor Okdermo will benefit from such a fee. Please contact your bank if you have questions regarding the fee.

◼️ Once payment is cleared, you will receive an email confirmation (check Spam folder). If you have any questions or concerns regarding payment, please feel free to contact Payofix’s support team.

Thank you for deep understanding, loyalty, valuable trust and great patience, for the fact that you value the safety of online payments as much as we do.